Mohamed Alghoom

Mohamed Salem Al Ghoom is the composer of the Hadrami musical pieces and the person who authored the Hadrami Orchestra project.

He was born in Tarim, Hadramout in 1995, and the founder and owner of Sada Al Ebda studios, Yemen. He received his bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Hadramout University and took musical courses at the National Institute of Music in Amman, Jordan. He also attended courses with Dr. Ayman al Sahraoui, a faculty of Music Education, Helwan University, at Cairo, Egypt.

He composed many musical projects that were presented in Satellite TV channels like Iqra, Noun, Future, 4 Shabab, Mbc, Al Ma'ali, Bedaya, Karameesh, Al Arabiya, Hadramout, AlSaeedah, Yaman Shabab, Suhail, Al Ghad Al Mashreq, and Al Mahra.

In addition, he has composed musical identities and soundtracks for movies, tv series, advertisements, and tv shows, aside from being a composer of a couple of singers.

He participated in an international competition for music composition held by the Arab Academy of Music, a part of the Arab League, and as the representative of Yemen as chosen by the Yemeni House of Music.